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Trail Riding in the Cariboo


Winston Churchill reportedly once said, “there’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man”,  and what better way to see all the sites of the Cariboo than from between a horses ears. However, many guest ranches only offer riding experiences to overnight guests and sometimes a day trip is all that is needed. For this reason, we have devised a list of some of the best places to go trail riding in the Cariboo, that will be happy to welcome you just for the day. So, grab your boots, hat, and get ready to saddle up.

Graham Dunden Guest Ranch

Graham Dunden Guest Ranch is home to a herd of 12 friendly horses, so group sizes remain small. It is situated close to Green Lake, so the views are guaranteed to be spectacular. The ranch charges per hour and offers guided tours between 1-4 hours. If you are really looking for the full experience, opt in for the 8-hour day ride – just remember to wear comfy pants!

Watch Lake Lodge

This rustic little ranch offers two guided trail rides a day to choose from. The rides last around 2-hours a piece and cater to all ability levels. This ranch is also close to Green Lake making it home to some of the most scenic views in the Cariboo.

Kayanara Guest Ranch

Kayanara Guest Ranch allows you to pick from either a 2-hour or 4-hour ride. The trails wind through open meadows and across running water. The ranch is right next to Canim Lake, making it a great spot to see wildlife. They also offer an hour-long ride for children under 10.

Spring Lake Ranch

Spring Lake Ranch is primarily a guest ranch – but they always happy to take outside guests for a one-off ride! The ranch is only 15km North of 100 Mile House making it extremely convenient to reach. There are over 10,000 acres, with trails winding through the forest and along the lake shore. It’s a great way to explore the wilderness of the Cariboo.

Some of the spectacular views that can be seen in the Cariboo.
Shannon Skeels
Author: Shannon Skeels

Shannon is the head writer and content manager for Visit The Cariboo. She has a journalism degree from the UK and resides near 150 Mile House. Shannon is passionate about horses and also teaches riding.