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Support VTC. Support For You Too.

We create leverage for our region when we collaborate in our advertising efforts. Your support allows us to write more useful content for Tourists planning their next vacation.  We invite you to consider supporting us with your choice of three levels.

“Simple” Support $50

This donation helps us buy print materials for regional distribution in VIC’s and Tourist stops.  It also includes an online video review of your social media and/or website. You’ll get awesome tips and advice for using social to boost your biz.

“Local Guide” Donation $100

This donation is the best way to boost your business and help us promote the region. Donate $100 and you get:

  • Get an an in-depth article about your business and social media promotion once its publishes.
  • Short, non-technical review of your marketing efforts with a list of simple action items you can do by yourself.
  • A banner ad on the category page that works best for your biz. (ie- resorts)
  • This also pays for another article that tourists will find useful. 

“BYOB” $500

Build Your Own Benefits

Every business owner has their own needs.  This donation level gives you 7 hours of our time. $100 of this contribution pays for a month of Google Adwords for Visit The Cariboo. Pick and choose from any of these items or another of your choosing. Contact Us to setup a call to discuss. We can split the payment into smaller monthly payments upon request. 

  • a new website (hosting and template fees extra)
  • setting up email capture, email marketing and automation
  • new logo and facebook banner 
  • setting up instagram and facebook and automating it for you
  • online booking 
  • paid search campaigns