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South Cariboo Track & Trail Dirt Bike Association is Soaring Forward with Plans for the Future


Atv track 100 mile houseDespite COVID, the 100 Mile Dirt Bike track is enjoying a successful second season and is planning many future events for its members.

“The motorsports scene in the South Cariboo has always been popular,” says Brandon Plewes, President of the 100 Mile Dirt Bike Track. The space that the dirt bike track now occupies used to be a motocross track from the mid-seventies, before eventually closing in 1996. In 2017, when the area was greatly affected by wildfires, many families were being harassed whilst riding their bikes off road. Brandon and a few others decided that the 100 Mile community needed a dedicated area for motorsports and immediately set to making it happen.

“We spent the majority of 2018 fundraising and sorting out permits,” explained Brandon, “during Spring of 2019 we started building and managed to construct about half the track within 5 weeks.” The track was then opened to the public and over time additional sections were added. By summer, the complete course was ready, however the team is continuously working to refine the track and add new features.

The track has provided a welcome boost to the tourism industry in the South Cariboo and has been receiving visitors from all over the province. People from as far north as Chetwynd and right down to the lower mainland have shown up to take part, with the majority opting to buy a full membership rather than just a day pass.

“Our rates are a lot lower than those on the coast,” said Brandon, “around 50% of our members are from out of town.”

An ATV club from Vancouver Island recently visited and camped at the track. There aren’t a large number of tracks that allow race ATV’s, so the experience was greatly enjoyed by all.


“COVID-19 hasn’t really affected our operating schedule; the track is never overly busy like those in the bigger cities and it’s easy to social distance whilst on a dirt bike,” said Brandon

Introducing new participants to the sport is one of the clubs aims. A smaller beginners track has been constructed to encourage younger and novice riders to take part.

“Around 90% of the track is visible to spectators, which has proved very popular with parents!” said Brandon.

With a successful second season well underway, the club has no plans to stop there. An EnduroCross segment is due to be constructed at the opposite end of the track with the hope that they can eventually host a PNWMA race, an intense, cross country competition. In September, World Champion Enduro Racer, Sam King is hoping to host a ride school.

The facility currently has a club house which offers food during events and several outhouses.

“One of our other goals is to obtain a government grant that will allow us to put in a full bathhouse,” explained Brandon. “This would allow members to have an area to wash their bikes down and have access to a full bathroom with hot showers.”

The track is located about 3 KM’s up Ainsworth Road and passes can be purchased at Performance All Terrain & Rentals Ltd, in 100 Mile House. Connect with the club on Facebook.

Shannon Skeels
Author: Shannon Skeels

Shannon is the head writer and content manager for Visit The Cariboo. She has a journalism degree from the UK and resides near 150 Mile House. Shannon is passionate about horses and also teaches riding.