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Ghost Tours At 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site

paranormal ghost tours at 108 heritage site

Come get ‘Spooked’ with us at the 108 Mile Ghost Tour!

The award winning 108 Mile Ghost Tour takes place at the 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site.  The tour runs from April through November, where trained guides take you through five buildings on the premises teaching you about the history of the Cariboo region, through the communications with the ghosts that still roam around.  Do you believe in ghosts?  Whether you’re a believer, you want to believe, or a complete skeptic, the 108 Mile Ghost Tours is entertaining value for people ages 12 and up.  

The tour takes approximately two and a half hours to complete, where our guides will allow you to try to communicate with the spirits on the ‘other side’.  This isn’t a carnival ‘haunted house’ type scenario.  There are no characters lurking around the corner to scare you.  The experience is one hundred percent real.  The 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site has been deemed one of the most haunted locations by professional paranormal investigators.  Bring your cameras with you because you never know what you’re going to capture.  During these tours, our guests have captured photos of ghosts, as well as recorded the hidden voices of spirits talking by the use of electronic voice phenomenon, otherwise known as EVP.  

Do you see a ghost in the window?

This hands on experience allows you to test out your ghost hunting skills like you’d see on television.  Tickets are only $20 per person.  If you also wish, the Heritage Site also offers private tours for company retreats, birthdays, work events, get togethers and more.  Private tours start at $25 per person and a minimum of five people.  Being one of the only museums in British Columbia that does not receive government funding or assistance, the ghost tour helps alleviate many costs that incur during the year. Private tours are scheduled for non-regular tour nights.  It’s more intimate and interactive for our clients.

Our guides will take you through the history of each building on tour.  How they ended up at the museum site, and the spirits who still reside.  We make sure that your experience is safe and fun, without any Hollywood type hauntings going on.  Feel free to communicate with the spirits that reside in our buildings, as sometimes they want to hear from you.  For further information about our tour schedule and to communicate with our guides, please give us a ‘Like’ on our Facebook page,

Craig Davidiuk
Author: Craig Davidiuk

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