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Nordic Skiing Near 100 Mile House

Cross Country Skiing 100 Mile House 99 Mile Trails

A Paradise For Cross Country Skiing BC

The Cariboo Region of British Columbia offers top-notch Nordic and Cross Country skiing. Take a moment and learn about your options for your next winter vacation. 

100 Mile Nordic Ski Society

The club operates a groomed trail network and lodge in 100 Mile House BC. This is the best “all-in-one” option in the region, offering a ski lodge with services such as grooming, rentals, lessons and most importantly, food! There really is nothing like sipping on a hot drink by the wood stove after a ski in the crisp, cool air. 

The club itself has been in existence for over 40 years. In years gone by there was an incredibly popular racing scene in the South Cariboo, which is evident if you take a look at our tourist information centre – our gateway into town is a pair of giant nordic skis!

Thousands of racers would converge in 100 Mile House to experience the the “Cariboo Marathon”, which was more like a festival than it was a nordic ski event.

There are two cabins you can ski out too at the 100 Mile Nordics trails. There are also lights for night skiing.

Log cabins near 100 mile house. Micheal Bednar Photography
Photo At Beanstalk Cabin at 99 Mile Trail Network. Micheal Bednar Photography

There are two types of Nordic Skiing available:

Classic Nordic Skiing

This type of cross country skiing is the easiest to learn. Most people start off using this technique. The skis themselves are long and skinny. However, the technology has changed slightly in the past 15 years. Gone are the days of the 3 pin binding; they’ve been replaced in favour of a more modern “pro-link” style. When you ski at this club, there are 45km of track set trails, making it easy and fun to classic ski!

Skate Skiing

The 100 Mile Nordics also offer groomed trails that are perfect for skate skiers. This technique can be more physically demanding at first but most experienced cross country skiers actually prefer this technique. It provides a high level cardio burn and allows you to travel faster than the classic technique. Take advantage of one of their skills clinics and give this Nordic skiing technique a go. 

Enjoy 45km Of Track Set Nordic Trails. Micheal Bednar Photography

Other Nordic Skiing Venues In The South Cariboo

108 Mile Resort

Located lakeside, the 108 Resort and Golf Club is another option. Starting in 2020, the resort has been track setting and grooming trails on the golf course. It’s also common to see locals using the 10km lakeside trail for Nordic skiing – or even on the lake itself. To access these trails, parking is available at a number of locations shown on the map below.

Spruce Hills Resort

Parking at the Tunnel near the 108 Heritage site (see map) allows you to access even more Nordic skiing options. This trail network was once legendary and was originally part of a resort.You’ll find dozens of trail markers from days gone by throughout the huge property. There is no charge to ski here, but equally there is not regular grooming or track setting either. Please note that the access point we suggest for trails is not on the resort land itself, so ski at your own risk. It’s not well marked but locals still can be found breaking new trails in the winter. You can access the trails from the resort parking lot too.  It’s also a great place to go nordic skiing with your dog. 


Craig Davidiuk
Author: Craig Davidiuk

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