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108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site

108 mile ranch heritage site

Part Of The Historic Gold Rush Trail

If you want to experience the true Gold Rush spirit, stop at the 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site. This location provided a much needed rest stop for travelers in the late 1860’s until the mid 1870’s.

In those days the trip to the Gold fields of the Yukon was a major expedition. It was dangerous, rugged and exhausting. Travelers rode horses or traveled with pack teams. This stop on the Gold Rush Trail was an important place to rest up the animals, and the humans.

To make the history even more colourful, there was a time when traveller’s were getting murdered by the hotel owner. Rumors abound that there is still gold stashed in the nearby lake.

The 108 Heritage site is also a famous paranormal activity centre. There is a local company that offers ghost tours during the summer months.

While not all the buildings are original, you definitely get the sense of what it was like to arrive, rest the team and head over to the hotel for a home cooked meal!

This site has developed an impressive collection of preserved heritage buildings include the 105 Mile Roadhouse, a school, and antiques from the period.

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You can also check out the post office and view old agricultue, logging and firefighting equipment. You’ll really enjoy the largest log barn in Canada, built to house working Clydesdale horses.

The site is operated by the local Historical Society and is open annually from May long weekend to September Labour day long weekend. A great rest stop for travelers year round, the site includes a series of picnic tables, washrooms, a small picnic shelter, information boards and a very large parking lot friendly to RVs and bus tours. At the south end of the parking lot is a tunnel leading under the highway connecting to the 108 Community Trail Network and Easements; a system of trails used for hiking, biking and horseback riding in the sunshine months and cross country skiing in the winter months.


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